Shadows Of The Ambassadorial Halls


Steam-powered vigilantes. Elemental powers. An alliance that could save them all.

"Traitors and spies lie in the shadows of the Ambassadorial Halls."

An only child born without elemental abilities, Sihara always expected to be the end to her family's lineage. Now her father has the chance to secure an end to a century of war against the Animalian empire with an alliance to a neighboring country. She just has to marry Sebastian, a highborn merchant with a complicated history, to keep her house from going extinct. 

Jaden leads a double life, as the rich, charming son of the Lord Ambassador and the leader of a steam-powered secret society of vigilantes. When he uncovers evidence that threatens the very foundation of the alliance, Jaden and Sihara must work together to defeat the traitors before they destroy the alliance between their countries. 

Meanwhile, deep in the inhospitable Outlands, Mylo, an innocent Animalian exile, must reclaim a powerful artifact from a bandit who seeks to use it for evil. When an unlikely band of misfits join his quest, he must overcome his fears to save his new friends and stop the mad bandit king.

For fans of Tara Grayce's Elven Alliance and E.J. Kitchen's Of Magic Made series. 

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