Only A Matter Of Crime


The corporate world is more than a good suit and tie, especially when someone wants you to die.

In the Only A Matter Of Crime serialized Webstory, join Hannah as she goes undercover to find the person behind the attempts on the life of tech genius Travis Miguel. In this dangerous game of cat and mouse, he might not be the only in danger.

Hannah can’t seem to keep a job, but it’s not her fault she notices things others don’t, right? After all, her former bosses did the crimes, not her.

Shocked to receive a text from her brother Frank, whom she hasn’t talked to after a tragic incident separated them.

Hannah agrees to go undercover at his tech company and investigate the attacks being perpetrated on one of his employees, Travis, the manager of the Protection And Self-defense Department.

The problem is, almost everyone in his department seems to have something against him.

With the help of her new charming co-worker and Travis’s only friend, Garren, Hannah must prove she is a real detective by saving Travis before it’s too late!

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