Certified Heroes


A new superhero universe bringing it back to basics with a colorful cast of unique and witty heroes.

Certified Heroes is a new superhero universe by Nathaniel James, bringing the genre back to its roots and focusing on fun, moral, clean superhero adventures in a stylized, slick fashion akin to Young Justice, the early MCU and DCAU.

The Certified Heroes webcomic is now in development! In the meantime:

Click here to read the free origin story of superhero duo Blastpunk and Electri as they defeat their first villain, Volcanic Lighting, and discover their true feelings for one another.

Enough morally gray, broody anti-heroes. In Certified Heroes, being a good guy is fun and awesome! With a colorful cast of new and unique superheroes that don't just recycle old classics, but aim to introduce new, iconic characters to the superhero mythos, Certified Heroes will make you laugh out loud, smile, and want to leap off your couch like you're a kid again. (Please don't do this.)

Contrasting its upbeat tone is the more down-to-earth urban vibes, interesting villains with convincing motivations, and complex themes presented in a light manner. If shows like Young Justice (yes, I've mentioned this twice now, and I'll do it more) and Avatar: The Last Airbender were your favorites growing up, you can expect similar satisfying character arcs and heartwarming moral messages with the frequent breaking the ice of a sassy one-liner. Certified Heroes has everything that kids, teens and young adults grew up to enjoy, but presented in a fresh and modern take for today's readers.

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